Note: Before completing the activity review the Chapter slide decks provided in Module 8.


1. List the four layers of the protocol stack used when an email client requests email over the Internet?

2. What protocol does a web browser normally use?

3. At which TCP/IP layer does a web browser work?

4. When more than one application is running on a server, how does IP know which service should be presented a data packet?

5. When configuring a network connection to the Internet, you might need to enter the IP address of the computer, the DNS server, the subnet mask, and the default gateway. Of these four items, which is used to determine whether a remote computer is on the same network or a remote network?


  • Please avoid copying more than 20% of the information from the internet.
  • Keep the task at 80% originality. If more than 21% of content is cited, then an automatic 50% deduction will be docked.
  • No makeup for the assignment will be allowed.
  • Must use the spreadsheet to complete the activity.