1. Neo operates a winery in Walla Walla and finds out that another winery, Patit Creek Cellars, is selling off some of its barrels and equipment. Search Washington state UCC filings to determine if there are any security interests on the barrels and equipment.

(a). Can Patit sell the equipment to Neo?

(b). What if Neo discovers the equipment was subject to a PMSI? Could the secured party repossess the equipment after it was sold to Neo? Explain. (relate to this video)

2. Suppose you and your friends want to open a business selling beer, wine and liquor. (Attached is the textbook materials)

(a). The proposed name is “Trifecta Brews and more”. Is that name available?

(b). What effect, if any, would it have on your use of the name if someone else in the area already uses the name Trifecta for a restaurant? Explain.