In this discussion of Clinical Assessment (Part A) will require you to choose one of the clinical contexts discussed in chapter 2 reading (READING ATTACHED) and develop a fictional client who is being assessed under the context that you have chosen as well as one or two specific assessments that can be administered. Different contexts discussed in the readings include the psychiatric setting, the general medical setting, the legal context, the educational context, and the psychological clinic. Please be sure to discuss ethical concerns as it pertains to the client within the context that you choose.

Your discussion on the Assessment Interview (Part B) will require you to discuss the rationale for the clinical interview and the methods, strengths and limitations of several types of assessment interviews (i.e. structured, unstructured, etc.). (See ATTACHED READING)

Why is a clinical interview necessary as an initial component to the assessment process? How does the interview contribute to the assessment process? Be sure to discuss ethical considerations related to the clinical interview.

Answer should be a minimum of 400 words and should address each aspect of the discussion questions A and B adequately.