MLA Format: 1page with Works Cited page

Integration, of science and religion. Be sure to answer ALL points below as is.

First, find five scholarly articles (Google Scholar) that will enhance thus giving you examples for the topic : Christians Speaking in Tongues and The Confirmation Theory based on Integration

Then: Write a thesis statement that is narrow and straight to the point, followed by an introductory paragraph(8 sentences).

Second, show how the topic you are dealing with explains or pertains to the idea of religion and science.

· Make sure that there is a very clear thesis statement, and that you are clear about what you are arguing about. What is your critical assessment in relation to the topic at hand?

· Do not give only an exposition of the topic, instead go in depth and ask yourself how are you furthering the discussion of science and religion at large?

· Be clear and concise about what you are trying to argue for and explain.

· Make sure you

o a) define any terms you use,

o b) provide clear and concise explanations, and

o c) provide clear and precise examples.

That means that you have to really think about what needs to be stated carefully and to the point. Please no at length quotes.