Students will present an oral presentation and power-point presentation paper on their topic of choice (case study) with an APA style References page of sources (3 sources minimum).

The presentation will examine an issue or example of globalization and its appearance in the Gulf or the UAE (glocalisation, for example: McArabia). Or, students may also choose to explore how Gulf Arab culture or UAE culture is found or present in a globalized world (local that is going global, for example: Emirates Airlines). Students may incorporate photography, video, or other multimedia, to supplement their findings. You will provide a personal reflection and critical opinion about your observations and analysis.

Suggested topics or themes that you might explore include the following:

· In what ways may globalization be recognized or found in the Gulf and in UAE cities, business, social and cultural change, language, media, or the environment? Or,

· In what ways is Gulf Arab or UAE culture found to be present in a globalized world?

· Types of globalization illustrated by your case study (minimum of TWO)

Use a minimum of THREE references in APA style with a reference page.

My subject is about Emirates Global Aluminium, follow the instruction carefully plz