For this assignment, you will select a topic of your choice related to cultural competency in nursing. You will create and submit a PowerPoint presentation on the topic, with a minimum of six (6) slides and no more than ten (10).

Due by 10/30/17

Resourse Cultural Competency in Nursing Presentation

To ensure both equal access to quality health care by diverse populations, as well as a secure environment, all health care providers must “promote and support the attitudes, behaviors, knowledge, and skills necessary for staff to work respectfully and effectively with patients and each other in a culturally diverse work environment” (Office of Minority Health, 2001, p. 7). Cultural competency infers that professionals providing nursing care must be cultivated to be culturally “sensitive, culturally appropriate, and culturally competent” (Spector, 2013, p. 11).


Madeleine Leininger – Nursing Theorist (Nursing Theory)

Transcultural Nursing Society

Cultural Respect (National Institutes of Health)

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NUR 230 Cultural Competency in Nursing Presentation Rubric


Points Possible

1. Provide an overview of the selected topic of cultural competency in nursing.


2. Identify how the selected topic is relevant to demonstrating cultural competency/sensitivity for diverse patients, families, and/or populations.


3. Identify any emerging trends in cultural competency or a multicultural society affecting healthcare practice.


4. Consider and identify the patient’s religion, ethnicity, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, culture, and diversity when planning culturally competent care.


5. Provide recommendations for including developing a culturally competent nursing practice.


6. Include 3 APA formatted references and citations


7. Writing skills, grammar, spelling, style, and visual format


Possible Score