bus 544 w1 1


“Declining Products and International Expansion”  Please respond to the following:

  • From the e-Activity, select a declining domestic product, one that has reached its declining stage domestically. Expound on how the use of the international product life cycle may strategically advance expansion of the product internationally. 
  • Fatehi discussed the MNC executives’ state of mind towards foreign people, ideas, and resources, at home and abroad. As a domestic executive, considering the expansion to international markets, determine two (2) methods to address the different people, ideas, and resources for this expansion



“International Alliances” Please respond to the following:

  • Choose a position for or against this idea:  International firms offer the best hope for creating world peace and improving economic conditions for all people. Justify your position.
  • Create a strategy that elaborates on the advantages of an organization creating an alliance in each trade bloc prior to entering a trade agreement. Provide three (3)