Please consider this case and discuss your first impressions in 150 words.

What are the evidence? How would you test your hypothesis of your impression of the case?

Case: Forty-eight male bank supervisors were each given the same personal file and asked to judge whether the person should be promoted to a branch manager job that was described as “routine”, or the file held and other applicants interviewed.

The files were identical except that half of them showed that the file was that of a female and half showed that the file was that of a male.Of the 24 “male files”, 21 were recommended for promotion. Of the 24 “female files”, 14 were recommended for promotion. [Rosen and Jerdee, 1974].

References: B. Rosen, and Jerdee T., “influence of Sex Role Stereotypes on Personnel Decisions,” Journal of Applied Psychology, 59, 1974, pages 9-14.