. Go to the discussion board and post your essay on the board entitled Unit 1 Discussion Essay and Response. Please DO NOT attach your essay — cut and paste it directly into the thread. Since I require only 2 Essays and 2 Responses for the entire course – I expect that you devote significant time and effort towards completing them.(Minimum 150 words for the essay; Minimum 50 words for the response)

2. Go to the following websites:

3. Take the virtual tours of the Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc and Lascaux. Take a look at the various images painted on their walls. Then complete the essay assignment. (25 points for the essay; 5 points for response)

1) Compare and contrast the 2 caves’ paintings. Tell me how they are different and how they are the same. Some issues you might address include: Do they display similar animals? Are they depicted in the same manner? Then talk about the dating of the Chauvet cave paintings. Do you believe they are older than those at Lascaux? Why or why not? Post your answer to the Discussion Board – Unit 1 Discussion Essay and Response. Click on ADD NEW THREAD to post your response. (Minimum of 150 words) (25 points)

Total points: 30