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I have had bad grades in this class because tutors weren’t doing the assignments well!! I am now only looking for a psycology prof. please don’t msg me if you are not. and PLEASE!!! READ THE ASSIGNMENT BELLOW BEFORE MESSAGING ME!!!


here is the paper..




Paper : Cognitive Biases, Short Cuts, and Attributions

PSY/SOC 342 Summer ‘14


In this assignment, you’ll examine how some of the attributions and cognitive biases we discussed in class take place in the real world. Collect one (1) newspaper or magazine article (online or in print) that contains an example of a bias or shortcut that we discussed in Chapters 2-3 (examples are listed below). Letters to the editor or articles containing direct quotes where people explain why something happened are often good sources. Your illustration of the bias must be something new that we did not specifically describe in class or in the book.

Your assignment is to write a 1-1.5 page paper MAX (double spaced, 12 point font). Once you pick your article, you will answer the following questions:

  1. Highlight or circle all the parts of the article that illustrate the relevant concept.

    Describe and define the bias or attributional process being illustrated.

  2. Explain why this is an example of the concept you describe. Why do people fall victim to this

    bias? Make sure you are clear in your explanations.

Put your name in the upper right hand corner of the back page of your assignment, and staple all the

pages together.

Possible biases and attributional strategies to look for:

  1. False consensus bias

  2. Availability heuristic

  3. Representativeness heuristic

  4. Anchoring and adjustment heuristic

  5. Illusory correlation

  6. Counterfactual thinking

  7. Fundamental attribution error

  8. Actor/observer difference

  9. Self-serving bias

  10. Unrealistic optimism