You just finished seeing a movie with a group of friends, and you are all standing in the lobby talking about the film.Some people in the group insist the film was a horror flick, and a bad one at that. Others argue that it was a thriller, and a great one, with lots of heart-pounding suspense. These people are judging the film based on the criteria of the genre they each believe the film fits into.

In this course you have analyzed literature using the criteria of several different schools of criticism or analysis including: Historical, Aesthetic, Cultural, Reader Response, and Jungian. The chart below gives a review by outlining the definition and characteristics of each of these types of criticism. In this writing assignment, you are going to analyze a single story through the lens of two different types of analysis.

1. You have read and annotated one of the following stories from your American Short Stories anthology.

  • The Lottery (135)
  • A&P (259)
  • Miriam (147)
  • The Wooing of Ariadne (299)
  • Where Have You Gone Charming Billy? (337)
  • Everything Stuck to Him (349)

2. You have selected two types of criticism (from the chart above) that you would like to apply to a short analysis of the story you read.

3. Write a one-paragraph (minimum 12 sentences) analysis of the story for each of the two types of criticism you selected. For each paragraph, include:

  • A hook.
  • A brief summary.
  • An arguable thesis related to the type of criticism and the theme of the story.
  • At least 2 embedded/direct quotations from the text that support your thesis with a lead in and commentary for each.
  • A thesis echo.
  • A clincher.

4.Revise and edit your paragraphs for logic, unity, and completeness.

5. Post your paragraphs to the Writing Assignment: Talk the Talk assignment link for instructor grading.

To ensure success, read the Writing Assignment: Talk the Talk rubric.

Congratulations on completing this section! Continue with the course.

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