1the genes ruby eyes rb tan body t and cut wings ct are all found x chromosome

1.The genes for ruby eyes (rb), tan body (t) and cut wings (ct) are all found on the X-chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster. All of these are recessive traits. They map in the order rb, ct, t with 12.5 map units between rb and ct and 7.5 map units between ct and t. Suppose you cross a cut wing male with a homozygous female that is both tan and has ruby eyes.

a.What will the F1 females look like?

b.Draw map of the section of the  X chromosomes that has these 3 genes for the F1 females

c.Assume you testcross your F1 females.

                  i.   What progeny classes would you expect?

                ii.   Give approximate numbers for each class based on a total of 2000 progeny.

1.Assuming the i=1 and there are no double crossovers.

2.Assuming the i=0 and there are the expected number of double crossovers.