1)In a 59 s interval, 571 hailstones strike a glass window of area 1.357 m2 at an angle 66 to the window surface. Each hailstone has a mass of 3 g…

2) Find the density of seawater at a depth where the pressure is 2100 atm if the density at the surface is 1050 kg/m3 . Seawater has a bulk modulus of 2.3 × 109 N/m 2 . Answer in units of kg/m3 .

3) Calculate the depth in the ocean at which the pressure is three times atmospheric pressure. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s 2 and the density of sea water is 1025 kg/m3 . Answer in units of m 

4) A horizontal pipe of diameter 1 m has a smooth constriction to a section of diameter 0.6 m . The density of oil flowing in the pipe is 821 kg/m3 . If the pressure in the pipe is 7510 N/m 2 and in the constricted section is 5632.5 N/m2 , what is the rate at which oil is flowing? 

5) Water flows at speed of 5.6 m/s through a horizontal pipe of diameter 3.3 cm . The gauge pressure P1 of the water in the pipe is 1.8 atm . A short segment of the pipe is constricted to a smaller diameter of 2.4 cm . P1 5.6 m/s 3.3 cm 1.8 atm P2 v2 2.4 cm What is the gauge pressure of the water flowing through the constricted segment? Atmospheric pressure is 1.013 × 105 Pa . The density of water is 1000 kg/m3 . The viscosity of water is negligible. Answer in units of atm.