Write an essay of 1,000 to 1,100 words (double spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1” margins) on a subject of your choice; or on one topic or a combination of the themes of Luisa in Realityland discussed in class (some of which I mentioned):

Dictatorship, politics, fear and oppression—including torture and death;

Resistance and rebellion;


U.S. political and military intervention—in El Salvador and Central America;

History—personal and collective;

Gender relations and inequality;

Identity; feminism;

Sharp social and economic differences (inequality/injustice);

Religion and beliefs (including prejudices), syncretism;

Customs (including prejudices), cultural traditions;

Childhood and imagination, varied experiences in childhood, etc.

I hope the list above will help you generate ideas for your essay. Vignettes and/or poems of the book should be used as reference in the essay, bearing in mind the following:

1. The experience of growing up in a war-torn Central American country, and the constant presence of horror and death under a dictatorship.

2. Luisa, as a child, serves as a central consciousness. She shreds the assumptions of the society she is observing with her persistent questioning.

3. Much of the power in the novel comes from tension created by the balance of the comic and tragic.

4. The author not only deals with poverty, but we are presented with the socioeconomic cause of it. (For example, Memo’s and other poor children’s hunger, and in “The Mejía Dogs,” where the great Danes thrive while the children starve.)

5. The tradition of revolutions, massacres, and guerrilla fighting is alien to your experience in the U.S., but it’s been a part of everyday life for children in Central America. (For example, in Luisa in Realityland a child sees his father decapitated.)

6. A number of sections in the novel celebrate daydreaming—the conscious and the subconscious/the world of wishes and everyday disappointments. (For example, Luisa’s alter-ego and muse, the Gypsy; also the myth-making uncles.)

7. In addition to depicting hunger and violent death for children and their families, the book also depicts psychological death ruining the lives of young people too devastated by events to cope with the opportunity for a better life when it presents itself, as in “Felix.”

please write the essay based on the book Luisa in Realityland based on the instruction. You have to read the book ready you start to write. It just contains short stories and poems which it won’t spend you a lot of time.

You have to apply one or more theme from the book like Dictatorship, politics, fear and oppression etc. which is listed above and also bearing in minds of the number lists. no plagiarism please. Please be sure that you are willing t read the books.

Great will definitely earn extra tip.