1.Describe the therapeutic diet you ate while completing this assignment. This includes the disease and the how nutrition affects the pathophysiology. Did your eating behaviors and food choices vary from what you normally eat? Explain your answer.

2.Were there any parts to the therapeutic diet that were particularly challenging to follow? Were there any parts of your therapeutic diet that were easy to follow? Explain your answer.

3.Picture yourself having to live with the disease that was assigned to you on a daily basis. How would you feel? Do you think that managing your diet would be difficult or challenging, or do you think it would be easy to follow forever? Describe personal sources of support or other factors that would help you maintain your diet. What factors might be detrimental or would prevent your ability to follow this diet long term? What other personal reflections do you have about this experience? (For example, was it positive or negative? What insights do you have about people who have to follow this diet that you didn’t have before you completed this assignment?)